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While Round 1 gets all the sizzle, Rounds 2 and 3 get all the steak.

Thursday’s start of the 2021 NFL Draft will unquestionably alter the course of lots of NFL franchises. However, many team beginners are found in the center rounds, indicating do not sleep on Day 2’s Round 2 and 3 to provide some long-lasting pieces for your favorite squad.

There’s plenty of skill left to walk around in Day 2, with numerous engaging potential customers leftover from Round 1 who couldn’t make it in. That’s no problem: many teams will take advantage of Day 2 selections this year and in the future.

Here’s what you need to learn about Day 2 of the 2021 NFL Draft.

What time does the NFL Draft start today?
Date: Friday, April 30.
Round 2 start time: 7 p.m. ET.
TV channels: ABC|ESPN|NFL Network.

Rounds 2 and 3 of the 2021 NFL Draft get underway tonight at 7 p.m. ET, an hour earlier than Thursday’s start time.

Round 2 will permit teams seven minutes to select, with the 3rd round leading to just 5 minutes for groups to choose. With two games pushed into one, anticipate the night to end around midnight.

What channel is the NFL Draft on today?
TV channels: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network.
It will relay all three days and seven rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft on ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network. For viewers who desire a Spanish-language option, ESPN Deportes will bring the Spanish broadcast of the occasion.

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ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network will be bringing all three days of the NFL Draft.

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NFL Network’s broadcast group includes Rich Eisen, Daniel Jeremiah, Charles Davis, and David Shaw at the desk. ESPN counters with Mike Greenberg, Louis Riddick, Mel Kiper, Booger McFarland, Chris Mortensen, and Adam Schefter. Suzy Kolber will likewise be on set.

Rece Davis and college football experts Desmond Howard and Kirk Herbstreit will bring the ABC broadcast on all three days. Davis hosts an ESPN/ABC simulcast on Day 3.

NFL Draft order: Rounds 2-3

Second round

2133Jacksonville Jaguars
2234New York Jets
2335Atlanta Falcons
2436Miami Dolphins (from HOU)
2537Philadelphia Eagles
2638Cincinnati Bengals
2739Carolina Panthers
2840Denver Broncos
2941Detroit Lions
21042New York Giants
21143San Francisco 49ers
21244Dallas Cowboys
21345Jacksonville Jaguars (from MIN)
21446New England Patriots
21547Los Angeles Chargers
21648Las Vegas Raiders
21749Arizona Cardinals
21850Miami Dolphins
21951Washington Football Team
22052Chicago Bears
22153Tennessee Titans
22254Indianapolis Colts
22355Pittsburgh Steelers
22456Seattle Seahawks
22557Los Angeles Rams
22658Kansas City Chiefs (from BAL)
22759Cleveland Browns
22860New Orleans Saints
22961Buffalo Bills
23062Green Bay Packers
23163Kansas City Packers
23264Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Third round

3165Jacksonville Jaguars
3266New York Jets
3367Houston Texans
3468Atlanta Falcons
3569Cincinnati Bengals
3670Philadelphia Eagles
3771Denver Broncos
3872Detroit Lions
3973Carolina Panthers
31074Washington Football Team (from SF)
31175Dallas Cowboys
31276New York Giants
313 New England Patriots (Forfeited)
31477Los Angeles Chargers
31578Minnesota Vikings
31679Las Vegas Raiders (from AZ)
31780Las Vegas Raiders
31881Miami Dolphins
31982Washington Football Team
32083Chicago Bears
32184Philadelphia Eagles (from IND)
32285Tennessee Titans
32386New York Jets (from SEA)
32487Pittsburgh Steelers
32588Los Angeles Rams
32689Cleveland Browns
32799Minnesota Vikings (from BAL)
32891Cleveland Browns (from NO)
32992Green Bay Packers
33093Buffalo Bills
33194Baltimore Ravens (from KC)
33295Tampa Bay Buccaneers
33396New England Patriots (Compensatory pick)
33497Los Angeles Chargers (Compensatory pick)
33598New Orleans Saints (Compensatory pick)
33699Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory pick)
337100Tennessee Titans (Compensatory pick)
338101Detroit Lions (Compensatory pick)
339102Miami Dolphins (special compensatory pick)
340103Los Angeles Rams (special compensatory pick)
341104Baltimore Ravens (special compensatory pick)
342105New Orleans Saints (special compensatory pick)

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