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Knowing that no matter how good you are at poker, you’re going to go through periods where you’re losing money ahead of time is half the battle, but your overall poker strategy needs to deal with the other half.

Are you aware of the mistakes you’re making at the table? Do you use software to analyze your hands? How about coaching? These methods are something you should do even when you’re on a heater, but it’s even more important to improve your game and increase your win rate when you’re running bad.

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If your poker strategy’s a good one, you’ll be a winning player in the long run, which means over a large sample size of hands. How large? Infinitely large if you want 100-percent certitude. Otherwise, there’s always a risk of ruin when you play poker.

To ensure you get to play as many hands as possible without going bust, not only do you need to keep improving your poker strategy, you also have to exercise proper bankroll management and game selection. Game selection is a bit more subtle, but if you’ve had good coaching up to this point, the idea will have been drilled into your head by now: Most of your profit at the table comes from weaker players than you. Are you letting your bankroll bleed out because you’re butting heads with the best of the best? Don’t let pride cloud your judgment – play softer games in times of need.


Taking these positive steps will minimize the amount of time you spend in a downswing. You may not have ultimate control over the results, but you have the power to do precisely as you see fit. You are in charge, but only if you take charge.

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