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Lastly, Tom Brady has come clean: He lost track of the downs throughout the Buccaneers’ “Thursday Night Football” loss to the Bears in October.

Brady confessed in a TikTok that he believed he still had one more down to go after his fourth-and-6 pass downfield to Cameron Brate fell insufficient.


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” 4th quarter, last chance in Chicago– I believed it was the second-to-last chance in Chicago; however, not,” Brady stated. “I don’t think I’ve ever been as baffled as I’ve been in this minute right here. Take a look at that face.”

That blunder led the Bucs to a 20-19 loss and dropped them to 3-2 on the season.

Brady’s prospective error was a hot debate topic at the time. He had notoriously flashed four fingers to the referee with a baffling search of his face. It appeared that he had lost count of the downs.

Of course, at the time, neither Brady nor coach Bruce Arians were willing to admit Brady’s error. Arians said of the downs, “Yeah, he knew.” On the other hand, Brady’s description didn’t clearly state that he forgot the down and instead focused on the group requiring him to rapidly enter into field goal range.

“I understood we required a portion, and I was thinking of more yardage, and then, you understand, it was simply, it was bad execution. We had a great opportunity there. So we didn’t perform when we required to,” Brady stated in action to one concern.

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“Yeah, we simply, you’re up against the clock, and I understood we needed to get a portion, so I must have been believing more initially down instead of a piece on that down,” he stated in response to the 2nd concern.

With the season well in the rearview mirror and the Bucs having emerged as Super Bowl champs, there was no harm in Brady revealing this now. It certainly was a comical, inexplicable moment rivaled by few during the storied 21-year career of the quarterback.

Even GOATs are permitted to make mistakes.

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