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Slots gamers can spin the reels hundreds of times per hour, depending on the machine. Even when you’re wagering a percentage per spin, if you’re turning the reels 200 times per hour, it can build up quickly.

One of the very best slot pointers is to extend your play and slow down. If you decrease to take one spin per minute, you can play over three times as long as the gamer taking 200 spins per hour. You still take 60 spins per hour at one spin per minute, but it’s still less than a 3rd of 200 spins per hour.

Here’s an example of this fruit machine technique:

You take a journey to Las Vegas every year and usually play slots for four hours a day for five days. You typically play the slot devices for 20 hours amount to on your journey.

Over 20 hours of play, you make 3,600 spins. You can play 60 hours on the same quantity of cash if you can decrease your spins per hour to 60. This fruit machine technique indicates you could play slots for 12 hours each day instead of 4.

Even if you can cut your play rate from 180 spins per hour to 120 per hour, you can play 30 hours on the journey, or 6 hours a day instead of four. Any drop in spins per hour increases for how long you can play with the same amount of cash.

Welcome the Distractions

Lots of players believe they’ll quickly get tired if they minimize the variety of spins they take. However, if you train yourself to slow down, you’ll find that it isn’t much of a modification. Many slot players like playing alone; amongst the best fruit machine suggestions are to find a friend or more who like to play. You can go as a group and see while playing.


If you continue a conversation with several other individuals while playing slots, you can invest more time talking and less time hitting the spin button or pulling the deal.

Do not Play Like the Casino Wants.

The casino desires you to end up being a meaningless zombie while playing slots and keep spinning as quickly as possible up until they have all of your cash. Then they want you to stroll 27 steps to the nearest ATM, take out more cash, and mindlessly play slots once again as fast as possible till they have all of that money too.

Even if you play slots does not imply you have to play them the way the casino desires you to play. Try to combine two or more things while you play online slots instead of playing in a live casino. Get a book and read it while playing or enjoy television in between spins or catch up on your paperwork.

Decrease the Variety Of Spins

This slot machine tip is the same as when playing live. Anything you can do to lower the number of spins you take per hour will assist you to play longer. One player let us understand that she utilized a kitchen area timer to adjust her play.

After she did this for a couple of playing sessions, she found she didn’t need to use the timer at all.

Another gamer reports that she likes to cook while she plays online slots. She has a place for her laptop computer in the kitchen area and takes a few spins in between waiting and adding active ingredients for things to cook.


A couple of sports fans have let us understand that part of their slot machine suggestions is to play their preferred online slot makers during commercials while enjoying football video games or baseball video games.

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