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At the start of 2020, the unimaginable took place: nations closed their borders to non-essential travel to attempt and restore control over Covid-19 spreading rates. And now, more than a year later on, numerous countries still keep their walls closed, as the world is still dealing with the raging pandemic.

That suggests that online poker players either stay with local land-based venues or have fun with online poker benefits in your home. But will it alter soon? Will players be able to take a trip to neighboring or distant nations to sign up with global poker occasions?

The US and Canadian governments have been considering re-opening their joint border, altering the method we have been playing poker so far. Let’s learn what the future holds for us in this department!

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The Future of Travelling Between Canada and the US

Both the United States and Canada do an exceptional task vaccinating their people against the pandemic, gradually helping to halt the fast-spreading virus. According to Our World in Data, 46.05% of the total Canadian population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. In the United States, the numbers are comparable, with 47.19% already immunized.

Their success was topped by extremely couple of nations, with Israel in the lead (62.77% vaccination rates), and Mongolia (54.68%), the UK (54.07%), and Hungary (48.84%) close behind. Countries begin to raise limitations with such appealing numbers, and some are debating re-opening their borders to non-essential travel.

However, although Canada considered re-opening its border with the US, they chose to extend current travel restrictions for another month. Ideally, in June, more than half of the Canadian population will be fully immunized, which might motivate officials to relieve Covid conditions.

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How Will it Affect WSOP Occasions?

In the past, the WSOP occurred in Las Vegas. Joining American pros, players from all over the world came to participate in the distinguished series of occasions. Local American players accounted for many of the individuals. However, Canada has a decent representation.

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In 2020, nevertheless, players couldn’t gather together at land-based locations, but the events’ organizers came up with an ingenious solution. The World Series of Poker Online competition was created, allowing gamers from all over the world to play the game without leaving your home.

The poker events took place on two sites, one for US players and one for global poker pros. In the United States, only Nevada and New Jersey players could participate in the fun, which was somewhat limiting and needed players from all across the nation to travel to those states to play the game. Numerous players signed up with both the US and European tournament occasions, reaching 5,802 individuals in the Main Occasion.

In this poker video game, the impressive variety of layers produced a prize swimming pool of $27,559,500– the most significant cash swimming pool in online poker history. The Bulgarian winner, Stoyan Madanzhiev, left the tables with $3,904,686 in his pocket.

In 2021, WSOP prepares to recreate its success with the online tournament while intending to reinstate live occasions. The live competition events will happen in a Las Vegas hotel between September 30 and November 23.

Even if gamers cannot travel to the Betting Capital of the World, they will sign up with WSOP events online. In the US, a series of occasions will begin on July 1, while they hope European gamers will join the fall series from November 19 until December 8.

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In Conclusion

Suppose the number of Covid patients in the US and Canada will reduce as the countries vaccinate residents. Because case, Canadian players might be allowed to physically join the live WSOP occasions by the end of the year. Other gamers may have to stay with the online events, but those are bound to be excellent as well, so there’s a great deal of fun to be had!

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