Sony May Be Looking to Join the Growing Esports Betting Market

Sony Interactive Home entertainment submitted a patent recently for an esports betting platform. Although the company has not disclosed any main details, a current short article by Game Rant suggests that the patent may bring gambling on esports to PlayStation 5. According to the patent filing, the “E-Sports Betting Platform” would allow audiences of “computer system simulation” devices to be presented with wagers. Additionally, the viewers would be able to see the odds. The esports betting platform may determine those chances through analysis of previous games. In addition, Sony may likewise offer pari-mutuel chances.

Besides chances, audiences would have the ability to bet. Once a viewer puts an effective wager, Sony would provide them the option to gather their earnings. Alternatively, instead of squandering, viewers would have the ability to “double down.” In other words, the proposed platform might supply audiences with dedicated wagering performance.

Presently, multiple esports titles are currently offered on PlayStation, such as Tekken 7, Call of Duty Warzone, and more. If Sony thinks about participating in the esports betting market, this move is not unexpected. A prime factor for that is the constantly growing esports wagering market.

According to a recent research study published by MarketWatch, the esports wagering market is anticipated to grow significantly. The study predicted that beginning with 2020, the marketplace will produce roughly 13% to $1.3 billion in 2025. This is significant growth from the $0.8 billion approximated in 2019.

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