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It is easy to “zone out” when gambling online. After a while, time and money are gone, and we don’t remember how it happened.

Betting with a credit or a linked account instead of actual cash can make it feel less real – like it’s not even real money we’re gambling with.

Being alone means no one can talk down a bigger bet, remind us to slow down or take a break or support us after a loss.

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Tips for avoiding problems

  • Set a limit for yourself on how much you will spend.
  • Calculate how long you had to work to earn that money.
  • Use a site that has limits on daily spending.
  • Limit where you bet, don’t have multiple accounts.
  • Use a debit card instead of a credit card – this will help you see that it is your income you are spending.
  • Check your player history on the sites you use and your bank and credit card statements to keep a clear idea of how much you are spending.
  • Read the fine print on marketing promotions like ‘free bets.’
  • And remember, like any form of gambling, online poker, betting, and sports wagering is not an excellent way to make money.

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If I use the betting exchange agencies, won’t I have a better chance of winning?

The bottom line is that over the long run, the operator is going to win, and the punter is going to lose. Betting exchanges can seem like a good deal. They take a commission on wins and are set up so that punters are betting against each other. But someone always has to lose for every success. Whether you win or lose, you are still paying the betting exchange money. That’s how they are successful.

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I’m the best poker player that I know, and I see people on tv making lots of money playing poker professionally, couldn’t that be me?

There is indeed a vital element of poker skill, and some people can manage to play professionally and routinely come out ahead. Professional poker players play online in a very controlled manner, and they do not chase their losses or bet more than they can afford. When playing online, you compete with millions of players worldwide who are waiting to take someone else’s money. For someone to win, others have to lose. Even if you play with perfect strategy, the cards are still chance, and even the best players can and fail.

I want to fix the problem by myself; how can a counselor help?

A counselor can be generous support at helping you get motivated to stay on track. They won’t judge you or tell you what to do, but they will help you work out whether you need to make a change. They can also help with some strategies to quit or cut down and provide tips for getting through the first few days when the urge is most substantial.

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