Banana Jones


In the Banana Jones slot, the team has chosen not simply to buck its custom however likewise to bring something entirely brand-new to the marketplace. The game’s opening video sequence boasts some remarkable graphic design and immersive player setup. You’ll invest early with the engaging hero who seems continuously thwarted by the evil tiger and his snake minions.

Set in a booby-trapped jungle, the game’s layout looks and acts like a video game of snakes and ladders rather than a slot. Instead of reels, Banana Jones progresses across the board. Instead of pay lines, players roll dice.

It all sounds and looks thrilling and exciting. Regrettably, as the play advances, the expectations of the interesting intro video aren’t rather fulfilled. You venture around the board in a highly linear fashion and should repeat your bet regularly. This action can kill the flow of the game and stops the drama from starting.

There’s a lot of quality style and innovation gone into this game. However, there’s still some finessing to do to bring the gameplay to life.

Bet on a Goofy Structure

The Banana Jones online slot does not provide a conventional betting structure based upon wins hitting pay lines or combinations across the reels. Instead, this is a treasure hunt, and you’re gathering gems.

Bets vary from 0.20 to 5.00, and each bet gets you five rolls of a pair of dice. Each roll might land numbers from 2 to twelve. These then translate into Banana Jones’ progress across the tiles of the board.

The supreme objective is the temple, but there’s plenty to come across along the way. On your journeys, you’ll discover practical vines, which enable you to skip ahead. Get unlucky, and you’ll arrive on a snake, which sends you back to an earlier tile.

To win rewards, you can gather gems en route and stash them in the corner of the screen. Overall, your treasure is counted at the end of 5 dice rolls, and rewards vary from 0.5 x to 40x your stake. It’s back to zero with a new bet and another attempt to reach the temple.

Discover Great Reward Opportunities

While there’s some stilted action in gameplay, our Banana Jones slot review discovered that the game does not have bonus functions. This adventuring monkey offers plenty of opportunities to boost your prizes.

With the vines speeding you along with your mission, you could land on a dice square and score an additional freeroll. Spin the wheel for a chance to win an instant money reward from 0.1 x up to 50x your bet.

If you make it through the jungle to the temple at the end of the board, you’ll activate the Crystal Banana Mission’s ultimate perk. Banana Jones will get in an ample stone space filled with chests. Select chests to match up three gem fruits and win a prize of up to 2,565 x your overall bet.


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How to Play

  • Banana Jones symbols are scattered across the board, and it is your job to gather them-- as you roll the dice and cross the board, the game's counter will track the Gems that you manage to obtain in the left upper corner. The very same will occur with the tricky snakes and the vines; stepping onto them will change your board position and lead you towards the Temple, where we will finish the objective!
  • As resourceful and experienced as he is, we can not assist but notice that Banana Joe came across the Temple by simple mishap-- thanks to the plane malfunction. We are optimistic that he would have found the location eventually, but our little trooper is still in dire need of your assistance. This is why you should offer your best shot to assist him in damaging the snakes and get to the crystal fruit before any of them!
  • The game has a comparable structure to the Snakes & Ladders board, and the gamer's task is to navigate the main character; to do that, gamers will roll the dice five times per bet, with each roll bringing you closer to the successful completion of the objective or-- who knows?-- perhaps even to Banana Jones's death. So, keep your fingers crossed to prevent landing on a snake's head since this will place you even farther from the Temple-- landing on the vines will, on the other hand, assist you to get near the final destination.


  • 1. Land Banana Jones on the Treasure Wheel Head field to activate the Treasure Wheel feature
  • 2. An extra spin is granted, which might result in the cash benefit
  • 3. Reach the Temple to set off the Crystal Banana Quest function

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