Yu Chang - Cleveland Indians

Cleveland infielder Yu Chang exposed on Twitter that he had received racist messages from angry fans after his pricey throwing error in Monday night’s loss to the White Sox.

Chang, who has bet Cleveland for stretches over the last three seasons, shared screenshots of 3 different accounts using anti-Asian insults versus him. According to ESPN, two of the accounts appear to no longer exist, as they have likely been erased after Chang called out their racist attacks.

” Exercise your freedom of speech is the right way. I accept all remarks, favorable or unfavorable, however DEFINITELY NOT RACIST ONES,” Chang composed as the caption in a tweet. “Thank you all, and I like you all. #StopAsianHate.”

In the ninth inning of the game between Cleveland and Chicago, Chang enabled the White Sox to score the consent run when he mistakenly struck Chicago’s Yasmani Grandal with a throw while heading towards second base, which enabled Nick Madrigal to score the winning run.

Anti-Asian racism has grown considerably over the last year, as hate crimes versus Asian Americans increased by nearly 150% in significant cities. Last month, a mass shooting in the Atlanta location led to the death of 6 Asian females, stimulating the #StopAsianHate movement online.

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