Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the more interesting online poker variants. It is very similar to the 5 Card Stud Poker game, except showing one of the dealer’s cards throughout the game. What’s more, instead of going up against other players, you will have to compete against the dealer. Check Huge Rollers Casino and find the best

Welcome and Reload Bonus (January 2021)

Perpetual Bonuses What is the perpetual bonus? After you have met your rollover, you can take another bonus on the remaining balance on the account.                Who Qualifies? Any account that took a bonus equal or lower than 30% cash and has met the rollover. How many times can I take it? This promotion can be

Poker Basics – Position

For our newbies and those wanting to brush up on the fundamentals, a reminder why acting last in poker is a huge advantage. Poker is a game of incomplete information, so every piece of information you can acquire is valuable. The more players who have to act before you, the more information you can get.

Paulius Plausinaitis Wins Massive WSOP Circuit Online Main Event

1/17/2021 The 2020 GGPoker World Series of Poker Winter Online Circuit $1,7000 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event attracted a massive field of 6,395 total entries, surpassing the $10 million guarantee to create a final prize pool of $10,327,925. In the end, Lithuania’s Paulius Plausinaitis emerged victorious with the WSOPC gold ring and the first-place prize of $1,236,361. The event

How Much Money Can You Make Gambling Professionally?

Every gambler has thought about what it’d be like to earn a living through casino games. This spawns visions of making a 6-figure salary, feasting on comps, dressing like James Bond and traveling the world. But is being a professional gambler really this lucrative? Let’s begin discussing the matter by defining what it means to

Poker Basics – The Math of Calling

Today, for newbies, a quick formula to help you decide on whether to call a bet or let your hand go. If you joined us this week you’ll have seen the simple calculation you can do to determine if a bluff will be profitable. But what about when you think you are being bluffed? What can you

Poker Basics – The Math of Bluffing

For newbies we give you a simple formula that helps you understand how often a bluff has to work to be profitable. New players think bluffing is the biggest part of the game and in particular they assume that all you need to be a profitable bluffer is to be braver than your opponent. The

Poker Terminology

Listed is a very fine set of terms to help us become more acquainted with poker. ACTION(1) One’s turn to act during a hand.(2) To bet or raise.(3) Used to describe a game in which there is a lot of betting and raising. ANTEA small bet all players are required to make before a hand

Offline Vs. Online Gambling

What to Look For Despite a variety of social video games, texas hold’em has actually maintained its popularity, and today, this game is taken into consideration to be the most popular in the gaming sector. This video game of skill and good luck appeared in the mid-19th century as well as has been modified on

10 Quick Poker Technique Tips

Pointer # 1: Play Fewer Hands As Well As Play Them BoldyThere is a limitation on the amount of beginning hands you can play prior to the flop in No Restriction Texas Hold ’em, even for the world’s finest gamers. You’ll bleed away your chip stack (unless woman good luck is on your side) if