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The Michigan Lottery app is an excellent tool for several different reasons. Not only can you play all of the very same online games used on the site, but the app also includes a scanner that permits you to scan all scratch-off tickets to see if they are winners. Likewise, there is an option to inspect all significant lottery illustrations, such as the POWERBALL and MEGA Millions and all other daily lottery game illustrations in Michigan. The app isn’t the most advanced and colorful-looking (it looks more like a beta app with little coloring) but functions perfectly. Whatever is within a couple of clicks from the homepage making navigation easy as well.

What is the Michigan Lottery

The Michigan online lotto was established in 2014 and used real money scratch card games, keno, and tickets for substantial illustrations to state homeowners 18 and older. The website is run by the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery and goes through the same rules and regulations as the actual lottery. is the main website, and it uses:

  • Tickets to Powerball and Mega Millions
  • Tickets to Lotto 47 and Dream 5
  • More than 50 immediate video games
  • Online keno

Today, the Michigan Lottery supplies almost a billion dollars a year for public education in all its forms. Whether you purchase Michigan lottery game tickets online or play immediate win video games, a part of your money goes to money education efforts throughout the state. According to one current report, the state lotto provides approximately $2.5 million to school financing efforts every day.

New gamers can sign up for an account today to get a $10 free-play account and, after that, declare a 50% welcome bonus offer worth up to $100. We’ll go over these promos and a lot more in today’s Michigan Online Lotto evaluation. Let’s get to it.

How to Play the Michigan Lottery Game Online

As long as you’re a US person, state resident, and 18 or older, you can register for a free online account at The site will go through a quick verification process and request the last four digits of your social security number to validate your identity. You can access the Michigan Lottery game site using a desktop, tablet, or cellphone.

Once you have an account, you can make a deposit utilizing a credit card, debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or an online video game card purchased from an authorized lottery merchant. From here, you can play online games for immediate prizes worth as much as $500,000 or buy tickets for the state’s most huge illustrations. Winnings are paid directly to your online account and can then be withdrawn now to your bank.

The process of purchasing tickets and playing instantaneous win video games is facilitated with a user-friendly website. After logging in to your account, you can see a complete list of all video games offered or use a filter on the left side of the page to browse straight to instantaneous win games, draw games, or keno. Other filters allow you to hunt for matches based on ticket expense, the top prize, play style, and game theme.

In summary form, here’s how you can get started:

  • See register for an account.
  • Log in and go to the cashier to make a deposit.
  • Select your favored deposit approach and follow the on-screen guidelines to fund your account.
  • Discover a video game you play and like.
  • Visit at any time from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone to withdraw your winnings.

Buy Michigan Lottery Game Tickets Online

The last video game type provided is different than all the others because this one links to real-world illustrations. With a Michigan Lotto online account, you can buy tickets into the following drawings:

  • Powerball ($ 2 per ticket).
  • Mega Millions ($ 2 per ticket).
  • Lotto 47 ($ 1 per ticket).
  • Fantasy 5 ($ 1 per ticket).

Ticket prices are the same online as they are in real life, and anything you win from the illustration is yours to keep. The Powerball video game even provides total payouts extending into the numerous millions of dollars sometimes. At the same time, the other video games likewise use substantial prizes based on real-world reward pools.

If you wish, you may purchase a single ticket at a time or purchase as many as fifty at a time. You can choose your numbers, conserve favorites or let the system choose random numbers in your place. If you have a winning ticket, the site will let you know and proceed with payout guidelines if needed.

Tickets purchased online are saved online in your account and can be declared later if you have a winning ticket. Smaller wins are credited straight to your online account, while the most significant prizes must be claimed in person, just the same as if you had a physical ticket. You can track upcoming draws and see your acquired tickets at any time by visiting and going to the “My Account” section.

Customer Support Contact Information

Live Chat and Customer Service Contact Information to get help and support.

Call Customer Support:

Is the Michigan Lottery Game Certified and Licensed in the U.S.A.?

Yes, the Michigan Lottery is chartered by the state of Michigan as a governmental organization. The online casino is run by the same group that manages the conventional state lottery. It does not have any third-party security certifications.

The Michigan Lottery game’s Responsible Gaming Policies

As you may get out of a federal government firm, the Michigan Lottery offers numerous resources to promote responsible gaming. The most comprehensive tab on the main menu bar leads you to their trustworthy betting resources, consisting of a list of trouble signs, another list of the tools that gamers have at their disposal, tips for how to gamble responsibly, and a list of misconceptions vs. truths. In addition, the bottom of the main page includes a link to an accountable gaming helpline and e-mail contact information.

Michigan Lottery Game Casino Establishment Benefits and Projects

The Michigan Lottery game has a special spread of bonus chances available to its gamers. This is mostly the outcome of an elaborate choice of games. It does provide a series of bonuses and incentives.

Gamers in Michigan have extremely couple of alternatives regarding the online gambling establishments they can gain access to. If you can use the Michigan Lottery game, it is incredibly safe and credible to play online.

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