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Hail Mary Bankroll Technique

Some BJ gamers have built up their bankroll rapidly utilizing what we call the “Hail Mary” bankroll strategy.

As you most likely already understand in football, a Hail Mary pass is a go-for-broke pass in the closing moments of the video game. A quarterback throwing a Hail Mary pass is going for the victory with one significant play.

The Hail Mary bankroll principle is that you bet big for the size of your bankroll. If you occur to capture a substantial favorable change (i.e., complete the pass), then you end up with a huge bankroll, at which time you begin wagering very wisely for the long run. If, however, you tap out your Hail Mary bankroll, then you conserve up another bankroll and do the Hail Mary procedure over again.

This can be an excellent method for those who can conveniently regrow their bankroll between betting journeys (from a task or other income).

What’s good is that, unlike in a football video game, the clock never runs out for the BJ player using the Hail Mary technique, presuming brand-new Hail Mary bankrolls can be readily produced.

Size your bets for the Hail Mary bankroll so that the threat of destruction is relatively little throughout the trip only; do not size your opportunities for survival over the long run. Eventually, and hopefully faster instead of later on, you’ll catch a real wondrous flux rocket trip and be in business at a higher level.

If you desire to “swing for the fences” (sports metaphor celebration here), you can jack up your bets more and more as your trip winds down, presuming the very same bankroll. With one hour to go for your journey, you might wager an entire lot larger on the same bankroll than if you had 30 hours to go for your trip.

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