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Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the more interesting online poker variants. It is very similar to the 5 Card Stud Poker game, except showing one of the dealer’s cards throughout the game. What’s more, instead of going up against other players, you will have to compete against the dealer.

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Caribbean Stud Poker is a variant of poker and does not have a definite and well-traced origin. The game evolved when poker became very popular and was created by casinos to attract more player traffic. Some reports claim that David Sklansky created the game under the banner of “Casino Poker” in 1982 but could not secure a patent for it. Later on, another player secured a patent for the game under the name Caribbean Stud. There is also another thread concerning the origins of this game that states that this poker variant evolved on a cruise ship on its way to Aruba, for which it earned its name.

However, according to the most common beliefs, the game originated in 1987 when a lucked-out poker player taught James Suttle the game rules. This poker variant soon featured in the King International Casino in Aruba and eventually went online. At this point, Michael Titus, a software nerd, decided to add a progressive jackpot to the game, which ramped up its popularity.

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The Caribbean Stud rules follow the same lines as 5 card stud but do not allow for bluffing, as the players compete against the house. Here, players go up against the dealer who is allowed only one hole card.

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The game begins when a player places his ante bet and decides whether to be a part of the progressive jackpot. After this, each player is given 5 cards dealt face down, of which the dealer will reveal one card of his. Players can then look at their cards and reveal their best hands. The player with a hand value higher than that of the dealers will win the game.

Poker players looking to win at playing Caribbean Stud should not discuss their hand values with other players, resulting in a forfeit or disqualification. Players are also advised not to fold a pair and remember to fold if they do not get anything higher than an Ace and King. This simple tip will help to reduce the house edge in favor of the player.

Another tip that we can use in this game is to raise a hand with A, K, and Q or one with A, K, and J if you should come up against the dealer’s open card of either an A or K.

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