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There are more blackjack video games in gambling establishments than any other. Depending on the gambling establishment, if you build up every other table video game, there might still be more blackjack tables. According to UNLV Center For Video Gaming Research, 52.7% of Nevada’s table video games were blackjack in 2020.

The percentage of blackjack tables can be a bit misleading. While there are more blackjack video games than others, it’s not as dominant as they used to be. Overall, the percentage of blackjack games in Nevada gambling establishments has fallen every decade UNLV has on file. Take a look:

  • 1985: 80.66%.
  • 1990: 76.05%.
  • 2000: 64.44%.
  • 2010: 56.27%.
  • 2020: 52.7%.

It might not be best to look at 2020 numbers as gambling establishments changed their tables due to the coronavirus pandemic. Less than 5% of table video games in Nevada were “other” games like War and High Card Flush. This was an atypical year for table video game allotments in casinos.

Look at the “Others.”

2019 was the last year Nevada casinos had all table games available before coronavirus, limiting capability on the gaming flooring. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of various Nevada table video games in 2019:

  • Blackjack: 53.94%.
  • Other: 19.71%.
  • Live roulette: 10.11%.
  • Craps: 8.11%.
  • Baccarat: 8.13%.

Compared to blackjack versions, many brand-new “other” table games shuffle in and out of casinos over the years. Casino operators are always trying to find new home entertainment alternatives for their guests.

Blackjack, baccarat, craps, and live roulette are the most popular video games in casinos. Video games like 3 Card Poker are ending up being staples in casinos today.

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In the last few years, 3 Card Poker has become as common as those games. The new Bovada Gambling establishment site even promotes 3 Card Poker with the others.

3 Card Poker and most “other” video games are attractive to casinos because they typically have a more substantial home edge than the worst blackjack games. Nowadays, prize wins are famous in casinos. You can see this in table video games, and slot machines. Volatility and ability be damned; eventually, those progressive prizes will hit!

Is the entertainment value of playing video games that involve no skill more popular than games where a player needs to believe a little?

Blackjack is a game of ability.

Among the factors, numerous people love blackjack is that it constantly involves some skill. Half the fun of playing blackjack can outplay the dealer.

A leisure player may learn basic plays, so they look as though they understand what they’re doing. Intermediate gamers attempt to master basic strategies to optimize their returns playing blackjack. Knowledgeable blackjack players typically discover how to count cards and adequately adjust their bets to swing your house edge in their favor.

Blackjack is one of a couple of games of skill inside gambling establishments. There’s little to no ability involved with the majority of other gambling establishment video games.

” Other” video games are ending up being popular in part because they’re easy games to play that don’t involve much thinking and have the potential for big jackpots. Since there are still individuals who like to feel a little, Blackjack stays the most popular video game in the casino.

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Even recreational players are looking for fun between complimentary mixed drinks like utilizing their brains (for better or even worse) to play blackjack.

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