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American roulette is a popular casino game that dates back to the 18th century. It is based on European roulette but is played with slight variations. It is a popular game in US land casinos and online casinos for US players.

It is an exciting game that provides a multitude of different betting options and payouts. Thus, it is ideal for all types of gamblers, those who enjoy high-risk wagers that offer big payouts, and those who prefer a lower risk level and are happy with lower payouts.

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American Roulette is a game of chance where no past events affect future events. The roulette wheel and ball have no memory. The odds of the ball landing on a particular number are the same on every spin, regardless of previous spins’ outcome. To be a successful American roulette player, you must remember this fact, so you do not get drawn in to make bets based on the probability of a future outcome. There is no probable outcome in roulette.

Roulette was introduced to Americans in the 18th century when French immigrants, fleeing the French Revolution, brought them to New Orleans, Louisiana, many different gambling games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. In those days, New Orleans was the US’s gambling capital, and casino owners changed the European roulette by first changing the layout of the game completely but eventually settling on a similar layout to the European roulette with the addition of a double zero.

This added number slot for a double zero increases the house edge to 5.26% on single number bets, compared with European roulette, where the house edge is only 2.70%. Therefore, American roulette’s first strategic advice is not to play it if there is a game of European roulette available.

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Focus on Outside Bets

American roulette offers many different bets and bets combinations. These bets are divided into two categories; inside bets that offer high payouts on bets that have a lower probability of winning and outside bets that offer lower payouts on bets with a higher probability of winning.

The inside bets, such as a single number bet, tend to be very tempting due to the 35-to-1 payout offered for single-number bets. The big payout especially tempts new players since they fail to assess the risks of such a bet properly.

Outside bets such as Red/Black, Low/High, and Even/Odd offer even-money payout. Even-money bets pay a ratio of 1-to-1. Outside bets also include the Column bet and the Dozen bet that pays at 2-to-1. The payout might not seem so high, but the probability of winning is greater, which is what makes these bets worthwhile.

In case you are tempted to make inside bets, try to avoid making single number bets and focus on bets on adjacent numbers. Bets include the Split bet that is made on two adjacent numbers and offers a payout of 17-to-1, 3 Line bet (also called Street bet) on a single line of three numbers that offers a payout of 11-to-1, Corner bet that is made on four numbers that have a mutual meeting point on the roulette table. Corner bets offer a payout of 8-to-1.

Also, there is the Basket bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. This bet pays out at 6-to-1. This bet is only available in American roulette. Double Street bet that is a bet on 2 adjacent lines of three numbers each. The Double Street bet pays 5-to-1.

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Always remember that the higher the payout offered, the lower is the probability of winning the bet.

Don’t Overspread Bets.

Sometimes players can make the mistake of overspreading their bets when they can easily make fewer bets at a lesser cost that can generate the same outcome in terms of profitability.

Let us assume you are betting $2 chips on each of the low eighteen numbers and $4 chips on each of the higher 18 numbers, making the total amount you bet $2 x 18 + $4 x 18 = $108. If the spin’s outcome is a low number, you will win $2 x 35 = $70, which is not enough to cover your bets’ cost. If a high number wins the spin, you will win $4 x 35 = $140.

However, if the ball landed on 0 or 00, you would have lost your entire bet. Instead of doing this, you can do something that could produce the same results for less money.

Make an outside bet of $70 on Low 18. If the ball lands on any of the numbers 1 through 18, you would double your money and win $140, and if the ball lands on High 18, 0, or 00, you will lose your money.

Either way, your maximum win potential is $140, but when you overspread your bets, you end up risking an extra $38.

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